EZtol for Autodesk Inventor Tolerance Stack Up Analysis Software

EZtol for Autodesk Inventor builds on the capabilities of Sigmetrix’ standalone EZtol solution by utilizing tolerance information (i.e. PMI) from the dimensions in the part files. This new version also includes auto-part-loop generation; EZtol will create the loops based on assembly constraints or joints, the user will simply select the loop and the analysis will be calculated! With the utilization of PMI and assembly constraint and joint information it has some of the most powerful automation capabilities of any product in the Sigmetrix portfolio.


EZtol for Autodesk Inventor is an add-in for Inventor 2018 that has been designed to make it easier to create, manage and report upon multiple 1D tolerance analyses in an assembly.  Some of the additional features you’ll get with EZtol for Autodesk Inventor are:

  • Builds the analysis on top of the 3D design model:
    • Uses the actual nominal distances between surfaces/features from the design.
    • Helps to ensure all components in the loop are included.
    • Shows the optimum dimensioning scheme for the single analysis.
  • Automatically calculates the worst-case, RSS, and statistical results of the analysis. Metrics for statistical results can be reported as: Cpk, Sigma, DPMO, or % Yield.
  • Lists of contributors sorted from largest to smallest.
  • Define multiple tolerance stack up analyses on the same model.
  • Provides a summary table showing the objectives and results of each stack up analysis along with a visual indication of whether the requirement has been met.
  • Automatically finds stack up loop of parts between stack up endpoints from Inventor assembly constraints and joints.
  • Links to tolerances, both on linear dimensions and geometric (i.e. GD&T & GPS), so that changes update both the design and analysis data.
  • Stores the dimensions, with tolerances, defined for each part so that the user doesn’t have to re-enter them for each loop. This also allows the automatic updating of all analyses when the user makes a modification to a tolerance used in multiple analyses.
  • Generates detailed report with graphical view of the dimension loop over the models involved and a graphical presentation of results and the top contributors.
  • Provides an indication that the tolerance stack up may not be 1D in nature including a note that the results provided may underestimate the actual variation that will occur during production.


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